Sunbites Crackers (roasted tomato salsa with quinoa)

Sunbites Crackers (roasted tomato salsa with quinoa)

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Here at Sunbites we use only the best ingredients grown by the sun. Each Sunbites Snack Cracker is packed with the goodness of real Australian corn, wheat and oats as well as added quinoa, giving you a little bit of sun in every bite!


Wholegrain Cereals (69%) (Corn, Wheat, Oats), Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Quinoa (3.5%), Rice, Salt, Spices (Paprika, Cumin, White Pepper, Jalapeno), Maltodextrin, Tomato Powder, yeast Extract, Food Acids (Vinegar Salt, Citric Acid), Natural Flavours, Yoghurt Powder (Milk), Milk Powder, Natural Colours (Paprika Extract).


Contains Quinoa 3.5%, wheat, oats, milk, gluten, milk or milk products and soybeans or soybean products.


Contains Wheat, Contains Milk, Contains Gluten, Contains Oats