Island curries | Khorma| 50g sachet

Island curries | Khorma| 50g sachet

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Khorma-style curry paste (formerly 'Lamb')

ideal with lamb. beef. pork, chicken, fish or vegetables

This khorma-style curry paste is heavier and darker in texture and colour than most and is a very aromatic curry paste. The flavour is very distinct with cinnamon, paprika and cumin giving it a slightly sweet taste. Another delicious alternative, is to replace the addition of a natural yoghurt (we recommend: Tamar Valley) with a product like Tamar Valley Mango yoghurt. A slightly sweeter flavour is then achieved, which has proven to be very complementary to this curry paste and also very popular.

Gold medal Royal Hobart Show Fine Food Awards

Basic recipe:
Brown an onion in a tbsp oil, hot pan
Add 500g diced lamb or beef with 50g paste, stir until simmering and cooked, add chilli to taste. Reduce heat, dice & add a large ripe tomato & a handful of spinach or silver beet & half cup chopped coriander leaves and half a cup of coconut milk
Serve with basmati rice prepared as follows; rinse a cup or two of rice in cold water leave to soak for a few minutes, then drain & add two cups of water per cup of rice. bring to boil & cover turn off the hotplate and leave 10 mins