Island curries | ACHAARI | chicken - style | 50g sachet

Island curries | ACHAARI | chicken - style | 50g sachet

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Achaari' curry paste (formerly 'Chicken')

ideal with chicken, pork, fish or vegetablkes

A seeded curry paste from the Southern Indian region of Hyderabad. It is an 'Achaari' style of paste, which means it contains pickling spices. A very desirable and unique paste.

Silver medal Royal Hobart Show Fine Food Awards

Basic recipe:
Caramelize a diced onion thoroughly in a tbsp of oil, hot pan.
Add 500g diced chicken with 50g paste, stir until simmering and cooked, add chilli to taste. Reduce heat, dice & add a large ripe tomato  (or a 1/2 to one can of diced tomatoes) & a handful of spinach or silver beet & up to half cup chopped coriander leaves + half a cup of coconut milk
Serve with basmati rice prepared as follows; rinse a cup or two of rice in cold water leave to soak for a few minutes, then drain & add two cups of water per cup of rice. bring to boil & cover turn off the hotplate and leave 10 mins

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