What's In Season

What’s In Season In Summer

Always feel a little impatient when it's a change of season time? We are on the brink of an exciting summer with Victorian Cherries, Berries, Salad Items, Stonefruit and more already hitting the market. Due to our slightly cooler climate, many Tasmanian growers find their produce hits the market slightly behind mainland produce with Tasmanian Strawberries and Raspberries now available, but Cherries slower to hit the mark and will be filing into your hands (and mouths) come Christmas week!


LE! Including dutch cream, kennebec, pink eyes and bismarks. LOCAL WASHED POTATOES ALSO AVAILABLE 🥔



But there's good news - we are already making contact and have co-ordinated with many large and small Tasmanian farms and are just bouncing with joy over the produce we will have for you! Tas ORGANIC Raspberries & Crimson Kiss (breadalbane) are already available with HUGE 340g punnets - enough to feed the family!! We have our ORGANIC vine ripe tomato grower (Prospect Vale) making their way into the market with the first pickings available the first week of december - we should see some early season tomatoes as well as bunched carrots, beetroot, silver beet, spring onions, leeks, shallots, jalapenos and chili's.  We have our very own herbs growing well (St Helens) as well as eggplant, zucchini, butter beans and spaghetti squash. 


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