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Sourdough? Honey? Free Range Eggs?


We supply a range of products to help fill your pantry! Locally sourced honey from Westbury and Fresh baked Sourdough from Scamander plus a range of Remedy Kombucha, Onya Bags and our very own Nourish Your Soul black tote bags.

Break O Day Honey - Made right here on the East Coast, Tasmania. A delicious, sweet classic Bush flavour that keeps you going back for more! Plus a creamed variety is now available. 1.5KG, 1KG and 500g sizes.

'Sugar Ant Ridge came about when we decided to change the way in which we lived and moved to the sunny Coast of Tasmania. Our first project was to build a brick bread oven. We sourced heritage red bricks from Sandy Bay in Hobart,  and had a Frenchman build the grand oven for us from a plan which came from the 1800’s. Stamped “Sugar Ant Ridge” Artisan Sourdough was first baked in February, 2019.'

'A beautiful developing farm of 600 acres amongst the gorgeous forests and reserves of Evercreech valley, running Corriedale sheep, Angus cattle, Free Range Pigs, Free Range Hens and crops. Less than 1000 hens per hectare, they happily roam and lay as they please providing eggs in a range of sizes from 600g to 800g PLUS! The yolks are golden and are the most versatile egg you will ever find. We've had nothing but 100% customer satisfaction'.

'Remedy Kombucha is handcrafted, the old-fashioned way, just as you would in your own kitchen, following a traditional process. We make our drinks right. The old school way. Without the horrible, terrible, artificials or unmentionables. We use the right ingredients: all natural, carefully sourced, full of goodness. We follow the right processes: long aged brewing, traditional live cultured fermentation, never ever pasteurising. And we do it all with the right attitude: full of passion, without compromise. The result? The healthiest and tastiest live cultured drinks going ‘round. Too right.'

Nourish Your Soul Fresh produce works with the community and locals to promote plastic free living. Though we provide bag rolls at our pop up shops we promote plastic free shopping by providing cane baskets for customers to use and also promote BYO bag. We have our own tote bags which can be purchased at $2.90 each and also support our local Break O Day community by having a supply of community boomerang bag initiative. 

'The range of products Onya has is huge. Our goal at Onya is to offer our customers a well thought out quality alternative to single use plastic and it is by companies like us, partnering with people like you that can actually make the change we want to see happen in our world.' We currently stock the reusable produce bags which come in a 5 pack or 8 pack and a rang of colours.